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Q: How are Succulent Monsters made?
A: Each Succulent Monster is 3D modeled by Claudia in Cinema 4D and printed on a 3D printer. The porcelain models are also 3D printed, but are provided by a 3rd party company. The ceramic models are made via mold.

Q: What materials are the Succulent Monsters made of?
A: We currently have 2 materials available: PLA Plastic and Ceramic. PLA Plastic is a non-toxic, durable plastic made of plant starches. The Ceramic monsters are cast in a mold and glazed for a great glossy finish. 

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes! 

Q: How fast will it get to me?
A: We ship all of our orders USPS Priority. Depending on your location on the continental US, it could take between 1-4 days for transit. It usually takes us 1-3 days to ship your item, but when times are busy or we need to order more materials, it could take longer. If we can't ship out within a week, we will notify you.

Q: Do you sell in bulk/wholesale?
A: Yes! Please contact succulentmonsters[at] to inquire about pricing on bulk orders.